Caterpillar ® Compactor Parts

Consistent sales reports reveal that Caterpillar is a world leader in equipment manufacturing for the aggregate, construction, and mining industries, among others. Alltech Pro is the company that specializes in bringing you compactor parts for both the smaller and large-sized machines that you need for your next project in one of these niches.

Our Caterpillar compactor parts are tough, durable, and cost-effective. That definitely makes a difference when you’re trying to keep overhead costs down.

The parts that we feature utilize a side pinned system with a round pin and retainer. They are suitable replacement parts for many different machine brands. However, if you’re uncertain about whether any of the parts we offer will work with your machines, please don’t hesitate to reach out and talk to the members of our sales team. We offer:

  • The 815 Model
  • The a825 Model


Why Do Business Owners and Residents Trust Alltech Pro to Bring Them the Best Caterpillar Compactor Parts for Their Equipment?

Alltech Pro is a well-established business entity in the southeast. We stock only the best Caterpillar-style products, such as the K and J series of bucket teeth and the hammerless tooth and adaptor system.

Compactor parts and other machine elements from Caterpillar can keep your machinery running longer than inferior brands. Businesses that specialize in construction, aggregate, mining, and similar industries have found that out for themselves over the years.

Alltech Pro should be the first company you contact if you need these replacement parts to get your machinery running smoothly again. If you’re in one of the industries we mentioned, you can’t afford to lose clients because of malfunctioning or poorly performing machines.

Alltech Pro keeps businesses running in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. That’s because we have the full line of Caterpillar-style compactor parts readily available for you. We can have them for you instantly instead of ordering them and getting them shipped across the country.

We know that speed is frequently of the essence if you want to lock down major projects, and having replacement machine parts from Caterpillar in stock at all times is part of how we do that. If you’re ready to experience the Alltech Pro difference, contact our sales associates today, and we’ll help you get started.