Custom Part Manufacturing

Why work with us

We utilize strong direct sources in forging and cast parts and our offshore suppliers cater to some of the world’s largest OEMs. Factories receive routine visits from our experts to perform on-site quality audits and maintain process control. Our on-site quality lab ensures from design to mass production your product meets expectations. ISO9100:2015 certified, let us use our experience to help create your next product and simplify your supply chain.

Companies we supply

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Forging & Casting Processes

Carbon steel, alloy steel, custom alloy steel, and stainless steel can be engineered by ATP to fit your specific requirements in any lot size from small, complex components to solid multi-ton parts.
Our forging processes include:

  • Open Die Forging (shafts, rings, blocks)
  • Closed Die Forging

Our casting processes include:

  • Lost wax/Investment Casting & Lost Foam Casting (all materials) up to 150KG
  • Sand Casting (ideal for large multi-ton parts)
  • Pressure Die Casting

Quality Control & Inspection in Steel Processing

In addition to performing quality audits of our offshore vendors, we have in-house CMM and other inspection equipment for dimensional and surface testing.

We also acquire certified Mill Test Reports (MTRs) to ensure traceability of all raw materials, standards compliance, and guaranteed product quality.