H & L® Style

H&L Style Teeth and Adaptors

If you’re trying to make some headway in the mining or construction industries, you need to have the proper machinery and attachments to do so. That often means you’ll have to find a company with an excellent selection of H&L-style teeth and adaptors.


The H&L Tooth Company is one of the more trusted industry names if you’re looking for things like backhoe ripper shanks, forged, one-piece ripper shanks, and more. Because of their wide selection of flex pins, teeth, adaptors, and so forth, Alltech Pro LLC is pleased to partner with them and offer several of their bestselling products. We feature:


  • H&L style teeth and adaptors
  • Hensley style teeth


Why Are H&L and Hensley Style Teeth and Adaptors So Popular and Enduring?

The H&L style is one of the most popular system components because you can use them on a wide variety of industrial equipment. If you have a rubber tire backhoe, a track loader, or a mini excavator, you won’t be able to use them effectively without H&L products.


They’re pretty easy to identify. They come with a flex-type pin. The pin holes are generally oblong rather than round, and they have a handy side pin attachment feature.


As for the Hensley style that Alltech Pro LLC also carries, they are easily noticeable because of their bold blue color. If you have larger aggregate or mining equipment, these will come in handy.


They typically have parabolic grooves and are top pinned. The reason these grooves work so well is that they can effortlessly keep the teeth from moving from side to side while you’re in the midst of a digging project.


If you want to dig exact dimensions, as almost all construction or mining jobs require, you’re going to want either Hensley or H&L teeth and adaptors, depending on precisely what equipment you have. That’s why you should contact Alltech Pro so we can show you our full line of these trusted products.


Whether you have smaller or larger equipment, once you describe to us what machinery you have and what you’re going to do with it, we can help get you started. Rely on Alltech Pro LLC to supply you with the H&L and Hensley adaptors and teeth your business entity needs.