H&L® Style Teeth Adaptors & Parts in Tucker, GA

In Tucker, GA, construction, mining, and aggregate companies frequently turn to Alltech Pro for our vast selection of H&L-style products. H&L is one of the most trusted names in these niches, as it has existed since 1931. They are known for their high-end products, including backhoe ripper shanks, forged, one-piece ripper shanks, mining shovel adaptors, and much more.

H&L teeth adaptors and parts are a common, trustworthy system. If your company in or around Tucker has light industrial equipment, such as skid steer and compact track loaders, mini-excavators, or rubber tire backhoes, you’ll want to peruse our selection of H&L parts to go along with those. We carry:

  • The 2A Series
  • The 230 Series
  • The 240 Series
  • The 250 Series


What Makes These H&L Style Teeth Adaptors & Parts Industry Standouts?

There are a few standard identification features for these preferred H&L- style components. When you examine one, you’ll quickly notice the side pin attachment feature. The pin holes are oblong instead of round, and they attach with a flex-type pin.

You may also note that they come in 7 profiles or shapes. You can be certain when you visit or order from Alltech Pro that we’ll have all of them in stock. This is how you can handle any digging conditions that arise, no matter the size of the project.

Why Should You Purchase Your H&L Style Teeth Adaptors and Other Parts from Alltech Pro, Tucker Business Owners?

Company operators and owners in Tucker who operate within the industries we mentioned often have stiff competition. They want machinery and components that will last as long as possible, and they need to keep their overhead down.

Alltech Pro is aware of these considerations and stocks our warehouse accordingly. We keep the H&L line of products on hand because we know that they’re reliable and will offer you the maximum value for the price you’re paying.

If you need advice regarding what parts to buy for your particular machinery pieces, just let us know, and we’d be happy to make a recommendation. We’ll make sure that you utilize the right H&L-style parts that will help you complete your next assignment under budget and on time. That’s what sets Alltech Pro apart from other aggregate, construction, or mining industry supply companies.