Easily identified by their bright blue color this style is defined by its parabolic grooves and found on small to larger mining / aggregate class machines.

Parabolic series: The majority of the teeth in this series are top pinned and have obvious “parabolic” groove on side pocket of the teeth and parabolic shoulder on side of the adapter nose. These grooves work to keep the tooth from rotating side to side while digging. Flex Pins or a Steel Keeper are offered on this series. Hensley commonly uses the letter “X” as a prefix of the tooth part number, X330.

Smaller sizes use a roll pin and do not have the parabolic shoulder or grooves – ie. 156 series. These are popular on many types of smaller equipment. We offer many profiles in this series providing your customer the right part for the job.

  • 156 Series
  • 220 Series
  • 290 Series
  • 330 Series
  • 370 Series
  • 400 Series
  • 410 Series